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Here at Alien Slang Office Busters, we aim to keep your working environment clean and tidy. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your pen or having a dirty carpet to walk over. So we have decided to put all of our ideas into practise and have devised this website to share best practises with you. 

Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Many people choose to get their carpets professionally cleaned, because the results are often far better than they would be able to achieve themselves. A professional carpet cleaning company has access to specialist cleaning products and equipment that can give your carpets a really deep clean. The techniques that they use can remove stains and odors from your carpets and get them looking back to their best. Your carpets will become dirty over time, and even if you think they do not look that bad, there is likely to be a lot of hidden dirt in the fibres. This is especially true for carpets in high traffic areas of the home.

In order to assist with the preparation of the room where the carpets are to be cleaned, it will be helpful if you could remove any large pieces of furniture. This will mean that all areas of the room are cleaned, and there are not patches of carpet that will remain uncleaned. If you are planning on having the carpets in more than one room cleaned, you should think about where everything from this room is going to be stored. You will also not be able to use the room for some time after the cleaning has taken place, so you may want to make some arrangements for this. The company that you use will be able to tell you how long the carpets take to dry, so you will know exactly how long the room will be out of action for.

There are a number of different methods that professional carpet cleaners can use to clean your carpets. Truck mounted steam cleaning is a very popular choice, as this is a very effective method of cleaning carpets, and also minimizes the time spent setting up and clearing away. All the equipment that is needed to clean your carpets is kept on the truck, which will pull up outside your house. The process of steam cleaning helps to lift dirt out of the fibres of the carpet, and this dirt is then vacuumed away, giving your carpets a deep clean. Your carpet cleaning company will be able to talk you through all the services that they offer and help you choose the one that best suits your circumstances.

Once your carpets have been cleaned, then they shouldn’t need cleaning again for some time. Some shampoos have properties that repel dirt which will help keep your carpets looking cleaner for longer. You should also be given instructions on how to care for your carpets after they have been cleaned so they can continue to look their best. As well as looking and smelling great, carpets that have been professionally cleaned also feel good when you walk on them. They feel less worn and are much softer under foot. A professional clean can really extend the life of your carpet, and is a much cheaper alternative to buying a new carpet.


The times when you most need a pen are when finding one becomes really difficult.An organized work desk has quite a number of benefits. The first one, is that it work efficiency is increased by cutting down the time spent in searching for office supplies, office stationery and important documents; The second reason is that it brings out professionalism in you, and the third reason is that it brings about a clean environment for you to operate in. So, get organized today by following this simple check list.

1) Keep Office Stationery In One Place

Office stationery items like markers, pencils and pens are quite easy to lose, so the best way to keep them in place is by using a pen stand, to retain them one place. An old mug or a plastic bottle cut in half are other cheaper alternatives you can use. Choosing a colourful pen stand or desk organizer is also a great way to organize your work desk in a way that brings out the best in you.

2) Keep Pins And Paper Pins At Bay

These can be quite hazardous if left disorganized. How many times have you put your hand in the drawer to search for something only to get pricked by a loose pin? The easiest way to keeping pins organized is by putting to use a pin holder that is magnetic. Another economical way is to tuck pins in an eraser. They will stay in place, and it’s easy to pick the ones you need. This is a good option if you’re keeping many small drill bits.

3) Have A Specific Location For Loose paper, Memos and Documents

These are office supplies that are very likely to be misplaced. Also, it is quite cumbersome and time consuming to look for a specific document through bundles of paper that is unorganized. So, an easy way of organizing it is by neatly storing it in files according to the date, month or its importance. Making use of document trays is ideal for paper that you need to have on your desk and ready at hand. And if you have a large amount of paper to store, then box files are much better options as they offer more storage space.

4) The Same Rule Of Organization Applies To Business Cards As Well

Business cards can be important lead generating and contact building resources. So, keeping them well-organized is absolutely essential for your business. You can make utilize business card holders like boxes, files and trays to store business cards in an alphabetical order or according to their relevance.

5) Don’t Forget To Throw Away Used And Unwanted Office Stationery Items

Forgetting to do this brings about an increase in disorganization at work. Regularly cleaning your closets, drawers and desk is important to get rid of clutter. Regularly scan through old documents and paper and shred those that are no longer needed. Also, if there are any office supplies that you don’t need or use anymore, give it away to someone who needs it, instead of leaving them